Indian Highways Management Company Limited (IHMCL) a company incorporated by NHAI to carry out Electronic Tolling collaborated with ‘MeitY Start-up Hub’ under aegis of MeitY and organized a Hackathon with Indian tech start-ups to foster innovation and technology-driven solutions to address the challenges of tolling and traffic management on the National Highways in India.

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The theme of the hackathon was barrierless tolling system and Intelligent Traffic Management System (ITMS) that will enhance safety and efficiency on our National Highways.

Applications were invited, and after detailed presentations and rigorous evaluation of the applicants from various tech startups, the eminent panel of jury consisting of senior officials from NHAI, MeitY and IIT Madras shortlisted top 5 applicants in each of the two categories of Barrierless Tolling and ITMS.

Thereafter, the shortlisted Startups were provided a seed money of Rs. 10 lakh each to conduct a Proof of Concept (POC). The POCs were conducted by these applicants in the month of February 2023 at various identified locations in Delhi NCR. The final presentations on the POC were presented today by the Startup applicants in a day-long event in presence of jury members, and other officials from NHAI, IHMCL, NPCI, Industry experts and budding startups.

The Hackathon provided an opportunity to bring tech experts and startups on the same platform and will help to find innovate solutions that will provide seamless commuting experience on National Highways.

This Hackathon is in line with NHAI’s commitment towards ensuring a faster and safer National Highway through adoption of state of the art technology-based solutions.

Press Information Bureau (PIB)